Thursday, 14 November 2013

Which flower are you?

You how often we say 'motivational things' about tough, bold, brave plants that come up through concrete or, like this thrift on the cliff face, grow in really tough places? Had me thinking today though - lovely as the sayings are, it's a bit tough on many of us to always do all this 'go for it' stuff; we're all beautiful 'flowers', but if you're not a thrift, you're not a thrift! A rose is absolutely stunning but wouldn't fare well on this cliff face! As is an orchid, but it wouldn't last a second here either. Would we suggest they 'weren't trying hard enough' if we saw them struggling up here? No, we'd take each to where they could be the best rose or orchid they could be. Let's do that for ourselves and each other? What flower to you think you are? And where do you best flourish? Do those match? Which bloom will you let yourself be as the very best flower you are?